Children’s Birthday Party Cut-Outs

Make your next children’s birthday party one that they will remember!

Classic Katering has a fantastic range of popular character cut-outs. Only $120 for a set of 6 pieces or $150 for a set that has more than 6 pieces. Please call Christine on 0400 330 396.

The following sets are available:

  • Star Wars (13 Pieces)
  • Super Heroes (7 Pieces)
  • Toy Story (7 Pieces)
  • Paw Patrol (6 pieces)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (6 pieces)
  • Harry Potter (12 pieces)
  • Alice in wonderland (6 pieces)
  • Frozen (6 Pieces)
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (8 Pieces)


 Classic Katering - Childrens Birthday Cut-out Characters

Classic Katering Team Building Activities

Classic Katering Staff Team Building

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Classic Katering Nissan

New Nissan purchased May 2016

Classic Katering Cocktail Party

Classic Katering, along with staff and professional support companies – Josh & Paula from Rockefeller Academy, Alan from Ivolution Consulting & Janet from Coaching Worldwide, celebrated the new look Classic Katering website, Facebook page, logo and uniforms at a Cocktail Party hosted by none other than Christine herself.

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